Why Us?

What is AdFighter?

AdFighter is free content filtering & blocking software program in the form of browser extension or add-ons, which blocks annoying advertisement, intrusive content, online trackers. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Duckduckgo, Tor Browser, Chromium, Maxthon, UC Browser.

How AdFighter works?

Our decades of experience and applied research helped to create aggressive algorithms to offer protection for all kids of ads. Blocking unwanted content will speed up browsing experience & reduce CPU and memory usage, freeing it up for better performance.

Does AdFighter Ultimate collect any user data?

No, we don’t collect any data.

How can I contribute to development?

Please share your thoughts about our development, suggestion about additional required features, etc. and by donating us to serve you with best of services.

Our Story

We’ve desire to make web experience best, smooth & safe, without annoying ads and any background activity. All web users are not technical savvy and understand these background activities and can actually do something to control it.
We spent more than decade in our research as part of pioneering social reformation with internet companies, including mobile; cyber security and eLearning technology companies. Our experience led us to believe that users have to be able to control their web browsing and remove annoyances and disruptive advertising. However, they need to do this without hurting good or acceptable advertisements & market spirit of the websites that rely on advertising and are willing to respect them.
We want to build a community of people who feel the same way, and we hope to inspire users to join us as we build AdFighter into a platform that gives all of us the power to enjoy a free, respectful, and fair web.