Why Block Ads?

Ads are everywhere on the web in different forms such as text, video, images, audio etc. They’re not only annoying but they’re used to track, collect data and expose you to numerous third party which might expose to malwares. Advertising is not some noble industry that deserves our attention. If someone put advertising on site, they're selling audience out to advertisers. Don't expect them to thank you for it.

Some people say’s its okie for good or acceptable ads but once ads are loaded then there is no control of object spying, data tracking, malware, intrusion. Also many times site who is publishing ads have no control when, what, who producing and serving ads, We think this is best argument to block all ads.

Good news is it’s very easy to block ads by installing browser extension - AdFighter.

Our Purpose

Internet don’t discriminate between information. It is simple data for internet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, useful or annoying, etc. And almost every part of the internet trying to collect more and more information in the form of data. The best and easy solution is advertisements.

Thousands of companies are tracking, collecting information through ads and related technologies or transactions. There is big gap between what, how data collected, shared and occasionally sold. AdFighter has vision that privacy is fundamental right of every individual. People should have control on their internet data & web life, as they have it in their personal lives.

Better Performance

Our aggressive algorithm helps blocking annoying ads, pop-ups, intrusive content, flashy banners, video ads, malicious websites etc. Which ultimately helps faster page loading, reduction in bandwidth, CPU and memory efficiency.

AdFighter codebase considers every aspect of browser efficiency. AdFighter is smarter to detect malicious and malware sites and warns user. We block such sites to load in browser. AdFighter provides best browser setting option that makes browser processing faster always.

Your Data

Your data is more valuable than anyone else. But now thousands of companies, cyber criminals and many parties are keeping eye on your data. They keep checking your online activities, collecting information through ads and related technologies, either online and offline means and many more ways.

Your data is further used to create profiles about who you’re, what you like, dislikes, habits, etc. which further used to show ads, price manipulation, habit manipulation, decision manipulation, etc. AdFighter tries to stop such data leakage with its aggressive algorithm which leads protecting your data, making it being to only yourself; and not to someone unwanted.